Nineteenth Amendment NYFW Trunk Show at Macy’s Herald Square

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Hope everyone who is experiencing this insane cold is staying inside and warm.

Yesterday evening, my mom came up from Arlington, Virginia to visit me and attend a New York Fashion Week event. It has been mine and my mom’s dream to attend a runway show together, but it’s a pretty hard mission to get into a Fashion Week show. Instead, through Helen Castillo’s Instagram I found out about a trunk show at Macy’s Herald Square, held by Nineteenth Amendment. The event was free and featured four independent designers who designed ready-to-wear lines for the company.


Before the show I didn’t know what to expect from a “trunk show” and a whole lot about Nineteenth Amendment. So let me explain for those of you who are equally as clueless as I was.

Nineteenth Amendment is an online platform that assists new and upcoming designers launch their work to a wide audience. The company has weekly 19-day sales during which customers can pre-order the new designs at a discount (a nice discount if you ask me).  So Nineteenth Amendment decided to debut the new collections in a trunk show. A trunk show is a sales event where designers can showcase and sell their garments to a select group of customers. In this case, if you RSVP’d and had a ticket, you were the customer. At this show, four designers each had a rack of their new creations that were available to try on and pre-order in-store.


I had the privilege of meeting each designer. The first woman I chatted with was Kréyol. I spotted her red tulle skirt (pictured below) as soon as I got to the show and decided to try it on because I may or may not have an obsession with tulle. I tried it on but I wanted to go outside of my comfort zone and try on what the mannequin had on with the skirt. I tried on the “Cropped Bouffant Sleeve Blouse” and fell in love. The order is supposed to ship in a month and I already have so many outfit ideas for this top so stay tuned because it will be featured as soon as I receive it!

Kréyol’s designs are print-heavy and the way she mixes the different prints is so well done. If any of you watched the eighth season of Project Runway, the things she does with prints is comparable to how Mondo Guerra combines prints. Absolutely amazing. She said she just loves to go to the fabric stores and grab all the prints that draw her attention and figure out which ones would go well together, and in my opinion, she has certainly mastered the art of doing so.

IMG_1400 (2)

The second designer I met was Anjé and her clothing was what I would usually gravitate to: lots of black and mixed edgy and feminine really well. She was such a sweetheart and is based in New York! The pieces she is wearing in the picture below are also her designs. Love, love, love.


Jovan O’Connor featured some very versatile pieces. She had a striped t-shirt mini dress, a white jumpsuit with cutouts on the sides, and an off-the-shoulders bodysuit in her collection. Her garments could have been worn for various occasions and, like Kreyol’s designs, her color combinations and construction were the stars of the collection.


Last, but certainly not least, was Helen Castillo. I had the pleasure of meeting the former Project Runway contestant in the fall in SoHo. We ducked under the same cover to escape the rain when I saw her and recognized her. She is one of my favorite designers to ever compete on the show so it was an exciting day. I found out about this trunk show through her Instagram and was very impressed by her collection. Her designs included asymmetry and draping. Her “Velvet Gown” and “Sleeveless Stripe Shirt Dress” were my favorites. I caught her toward the very end of the event but was able to chat with her again and snap a quick picture.


Honestly, I wish I could have gotten a piece from each collection. They were all so fresh and beautifully designed. All of these woman have such a keen eye and boatloads of talent. I am so glad I attended and got to meet all of them. Truly a great experience.

Luckily, the sale is still going on so go snag your discounted designs! Trust me, you won’t regret it. Follow all of these amazing designers on social media and shop the collections on the Nineteenth Amendment website.

Again, stay warm and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


The Girl with the Curly Hair



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