Kréyol and TGWTCH Take New York Fashion Week


Today, I wanted to share my New York Fashion Week experience with you guys!

Last weekend, I went to Macy’s Herald Square for the Nineteenth Amendment trunk show and was able to meet all of the designers. When I was chatting with the designer behind Kréyol, Joelle Jean-Fontaine, she invited me to her runway show. So, of course, I RSVP’d and attended! The experience was one I will never forget and the collection, called Karabela 2.0, was awe-inspiring. Check out the collection below and my interview with Joelle herself.





All of these lovely ladies lined up for more pictures after the show and looked flawless. Can I also just mention how obsessed I am with their glasses? Not-so-secretly want a pair.
This was definitely my favorite look to grace the runway. I was blown away when it came out and when the model was walking towards me, I just had to ask for a picture. Absolute perfection.
I was seated right behind this impeccably dressed man and since I loved his look I asked if I could take a picture of him after the show. It turns out I took a picture with Randy Bowden Jr., and model and PR director! Pleasure to meet him.



Got to take a picture with designer Joelle Jean-Fontaine. She is absolutely amazing and so is the dress she wore to the show which is another one of her designs.

Photographs by Nailah Fisher. Check out more of her work here!


My Interview with Joelle Jean-Fontaine:

Q: What was your inspiration for the collection?

A: So this particular collection is called Karabela 2.0. Karabela is a type of Haitian dress. It’s usually in denim, usually has some embroidery, so it’s a traditional folklore type of dress. When I did a little bit of research, I found that so many other people have them. Like in Spain, Jamaica, Guatemala, they have the same type of dress for the folklore dances, like in the Old World. So that’s the basis and where I took the elements for the dresses, like the ruffles and the bouffant. You know how I love bouffant.

Q: What was your biggest challenge while making the collection?

A: I think, even right now, my biggest challenge is more so the production end of it. It’s never a challenge to create it because I love to create. I’m an artist so once I get into a flow, it works itself out. But, more so, on the business end, it’s just the production piece of it. That’s why I work with Nineteenth Amendment.

Q: Describe your creative process.

A: Each time is different. I can’t say that I have a set creative process because I’m really an artist first, so I like to let the art take me where it’s going to go. I have a collection that I started, just off of a copper penny. I picked up a copper penny, I loved the colors in it and I made my first piece and spray painted it because I wanted that color and then that inspired the rest of the collection. It could be anything. It could be a film; it could be a musical piece; it could be anything that inspires me.

Q: What’s your favorite look and why?

A: That’s a good question. My favorite look is the cream drop-waist dress. It was the second to last piece to come out and I like that dress because it’s so versatile. [The model] didn’t wear anything underneath but you can dress it up or you can dress it down.

Q: Describe your collection in one word.

A: Whimsical.

Q: How do you feel as Fashion Week winds down?

A: I feel amazing. I feel like this was a really great weekend. A lot of my family and past customers came out and supported. We met so many new people, made some new customers, so it’s been an amazing journey this whole weekend.


Tuesday night was truly a treat. I was so excited that The Girl with the Curly Hair had the pleasure to take New York Fashion Week! Thank you AMCONYC for hosting the event. Thank you Joelle for the invite. Thank you Nailah for taking these amazing photos. And thank you all for reading!


The Girl with the Curly Hair


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