My Not-so-secret Obsession

Hey guys!

Today’s the day I’m sharing obsession my with a boutique called Free People with the Internet. It’s been my favorite store for years now and everything I’m wearing in the pictures below are from this store. Yup, the dress, the sweater, the socks, the shoes, the bralette and the necklace are all from Free People. Now that I list all the items that are from the store, I’m realizing I may have a slight problem. But is it really a problem if the clothes are this cute? Personally, I don’t think so…


Photographs by Nailah Fisher. Check out more of her work here.

Again, I’m layering an oversized sweater over a slip dress. I have a few of these little slips and love wearing them alone with thong sandals in the summer but for the cooler seasons they’re great layering pieces. This sweater is probably my favorite sweater at the moment. I love how soft it is and the detail in the front. There are big enough holes in the top so that you can see the color of the slip through it. I think the textures add a nice touch to the look.

Free People carries a lot of really cute over-the-knee socks and I love them with this outfit. We got lucky with the weather on the day we shot this look but it was still chilly so these were perfect. I’m also obsessed with these shoes. Confession: I stole them from my mom’s closet. They’re so cute and actually really comfortable. They have about a 3-inch heel but since they have a platform, they’re practically flat and don’t kill your feet, so you can wear them all day long.

I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit! Have a wonderful rest of the week.


The Girl with the Curly Hair


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