Lead a Colorful Life


Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and is getting outside as much as possible. Midterms are over; Easter Break is approaching; and my latest blog post is here!


Photographs by Nailah Fisher. Check more out more of her stuff here.

I love wearing black. It’s definitely my go-to color. And this look is a perfect example of my love for black clothing. I think if you do wear all black, you need to have a different textures and a maybe a subtle print to break it up a bit.

My top is is a crop tank from H&M and I purposely bought a larger size so that it can hang a certain way if I wanted to wear it with a tight skirt like this. If a top is tight, a loose bottom is better to wear to balance out the outfit, and vice versa. The tank is kind of mesh, while the polka dots are velvet-y.

The skirt was a great find a few years ago from Urban Outfitters. It also has a velvet feel and adds another texture to the look. I love the print because it’s there but it’s not loud. It’s dark but adds just enough color.

The bracelet I’m wearing is from a small thrift store in my hometown. For jewelry, I like going to the thrift shops because you can find some cool pieces that you know no one else is going to have. Plus the prices are always so low!

And what outfit is complete without a leather jacket? My jacket is easily one of my favorite pieces I have ever owned. I got it for Christmas a few years back and try to find any excuse to wear it. A leather jacket is definitely a must-have. Mine is from Kenneth Cole which is pricey but a leather jacket doesn’t have to be too expensive. I’ve seen some nice ones for more affordable prices. Great investment.

Like my last post’s title, this one’s title was inspired by a quote. So I’ll leave you with it:

“Women who wear black, lead colorful lives.” ~Neiman Marcus

‘Til next time,

The Girl with the Curly Hair


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