No Sleep Till Brooklyn!

Happy Monday!

I’m so excited to finally be back in New York City! Man, I really did miss it over the summer.

Last school year, I was able to explore the city and see a lot, but I’m determined this school year to discover even more. I’m off to a great start as I went on a little adventure in Brooklyn. My friends and I were planning on going to the 29 Room exhibit, a pop-up fashion week inspired art exhibit, but when we got off the subway, the line was closed off due to it wrapping around the block twice. It was a bummer, but, hey, we were in Brooklyn! So we decided to stroll around and take it all in. None of us had been to that part of the city and it was definitely a treat. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

So this was the line for the 29 Rooms exhibit. No way in hell we were making it in (even if the line was kept open). Better luck next time!
THIS WALL! I love, love the aesthetic of Brooklyn, especially the area we were in. I had to take a picture in front of the wall because I was a little obsessed with it.
These girls killed it! I loved their looks so much I had to stop them and get a few pics. Friendly, edgy, fashion-forward, absolutely perfect.


And they obviously knew what they were doing in front of the camera. Gorgeous.
Calling all artists! We stumbled upon a studio/store on Grattan Street and it’s definitely worth checking out. They have an open studio and then sell the products produced in the store downstairs. For fees and hours, check out their website.


These guys were taking pictures of each other for the gram and were super nice. They had great energy and I had to snap a few shots of them myself.
This is my beautiful photographer Nailah. She belonged in front of this wall, am I right?
As a break from the exploration, we found a really great brunch spot called Tutu’s. Highly recommend it if you want a cute, reasonably priced meal (I’ll definitely be going back to check out their dinner options!).
I got the Avocado Toast. Basically my favorite things on one plate: avocado, eggs, tomatoes, bread. Yum!
This so going to be something I would like to start incorporating in my future posts, so you can have an idea of where the pictures were taken and you can visit yourselves! We didn’t stray far from this corner. Brooklyn is definitely worth the subway ride.

Again, it is so great to back in the greatest city in the world; I’m excited to document more trips like this one and glad you guys are along for the ride!

Have a wonderful week!


The Girl with the Curly Hair


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