Style Hacks to Try Now! -My Collaboration with Betabrand

Hey everyone! I’m excited to tell you about this new project I’m working on! So, since I am not a designer by any means, I was a little surprised when I heard that Betabrand was inviting all fashion bloggers to talk about their Style Hacks. Who doesn’t love little tidbits on how to make life … More Style Hacks to Try Now! -My Collaboration with Betabrand

Lead a Colorful Life

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and is getting outside as much as possible. Midterms are over; Easter Break is approaching; and my latest blog post is here! Photographs by Nailah Fisher. Check more out more of her stuff here. I love wearing black. It’s definitely my go-to color. And this look is a … More Lead a Colorful Life

Madness is Genius

Hello, hello! It’s Friday!! I am on verge of crying tears of joy because of how long and crazy my week was. But I made it. And good news, if you’re reading this, it means you did too! Since I’ve been so busy with school, I haven’t been able to post, which stinks, but here … More Madness is Genius

Dead Curl Walking

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good week. My week is absolutely crazy with my Spring Break approaching so I just wanted to take a moment and post a new outfit. I chose this one because my favorite show, The Walking Dead, just had its mid-season premiere on Sunday and it’s still on my mind! So … More Dead Curl Walking

Blog Launch!

    First blog post! So exciting! So one thing that you will notice is that I love dresses. But since I don’t really ever wear cardigans, it’s hard to figure out a way to wear them in the winter without freezing. This year, however, I started layering slip dresses under sweaters. This slip dress … More Blog Launch!