Style Hacks to Try Now! -My Collaboration with Betabrand

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to tell you about this new project I’m working on!

So, since I am not a designer by any means, I was a little surprised when I heard that Betabrand was inviting all fashion bloggers to talk about their Style Hacks. Who doesn’t love little tidbits on how to make life easier and keep your wardrobe fresh and looking like new?

Here’s some great ideas on how to stay stylish!


These ideas are all so great, right?! I wanted to share a hack I use often:

We all have that one (or five) shirt that you wear but as soon as you hug someone or take your jacket off, it clings to your torso for dear life. It’s so irritating and uncomfortable. But what I do to combat it is carry a dryer sheet in my purse. It doesn’t take up any space and it’ll get rid of static cling in a heartbeat. Just rub the sheet against your shirt and voila!


To be completely honest, before I heard about this project, I didn’t know what Betabrand was all about. But, I did some research and their concept is really interesting!

Based in San Francisco, they consider themselves “an online community.” If a designer has an innovative idea, he or she can share it with the community and it has a chance to get crowdsourced. The power is in the consumers’ hands; shoppers get to decide whether or not the prototype will become a reality by voting and assisting with funding. If the idea gets enough interest and money, Betabrand will produce the garment and send it to you. Pretty cool, huh?

Some of the products that have become really popular thanks to Betabrand are their line of pants and Bike-to-Workwear. These products got the votes and the funding because of how practical they are while keeping the working man or woman stylish and comfortable. I, for sure, want to try the former as I break into the workforce. Check ’em out!

Stay stylish everyone!


The Girl with the Curly Hair



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