TGWTCH takes NYFW… Again.

Hello, lovelies!

Hope your weekends are off to a great start. I’m definitely glad it’s Saturday; it means my busy week is over!

May have been a busy week but it was a really good week. Part of this eventful week was going to a Fashion Week presentation at Mood Fabrics (for anyone who watches Project Runway, it’s okay to have a fangirl moment; I surely did). My roommate Cryssi and I took a train over to Manhattan Thursday evening and were lucky enough to see the unveiling of Helen Castillo’s spring collection. Some of you may not remember, but I had the privilege of meeting the former Project Runway competitor in SoHo during Fashion Week last September when we ducked under the same corner to escape some rain. Since then we’ve kept in touch a bit and I was able to see her again at the Macy’s Trunk Show in February. You can check out that post here.

So when she posted about her new collection reveal at Mood, I had to RSVP and check it out! As we approached the iconic fabric store, we could immediately see a crowd. All eyes were on the mannequin styled models just behind the glass of the store window. As soon as we stepped foot inside the event, I knew it was going to be an awesome night. Here are some pictures from the Helen Castillo Spring 2017 collection début:


This gorgeous girl was the lead model Thursday evening and was killing it. Her name is Molly Fletcher and she became Helen’s best friend when they met on the set of season twelve of Project Runway.
I loved this guy’s look so much. Don’t know many people who can rock blue hair and red glasses. He was all over the place directing models and did a great job.
Thanks to my beautiful roommate for coming out with me!
Throughout the evening, some of the models were on the staircase and some were in the window for the public to get a taste of the collection. The grand finale was having all of them together looking fabulous in the window.


Huge round of applause for the teams of Chi Haircare, Cutler Salon, Stila Cosmetics, OPI, and Mood for producing a very successful, exciting presentation. And most importantly, great job Helen! You should be insanely proud of your collection. I’m so glad I got to see it and loved every second of your event. Stay fabulous!


The Girl with the Curly Hair


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